Grace’s Journey: Dealing with Illness

sickContinued from here.

In March of 2016, my son and I planned to go on a school trip to Italy. I had already paid the travel expenses for both of us. This was both of our first time traveling abroad, and we were very excited. So, you can imagine how well I took it when I came down with the flu a week before our scheduled departure.

When I worked through Alex Kendrick’s and Stephen Kendrick’s book, The Love Dare, one of the lessons I learned is that I choose my attitude. While I cannot control the circumstances in my life, I can control my reaction to those circumstances. Never is this truth more challenging for me than when I am sick, when my natural inclination is to be mean to everyone around me.

Despite feeling miserable, I continued to spend the first hour of my day with God, although I mostly spent that time crying and begging God to heal me. I got angry with God. I didn’t understand why He would allow me to be this sick a week before traveling overseas.

Thankfully, I was on the mend as I packed for Italy, but I was still weak, so I packed several cold and flu products to help me get by until I was fully recovered. I begged God to let me be healthy enough to enjoy the trip and felt in my spirit that I would be healthy by the time I got to Italy. Sure enough, when I stepped off the plane, my energy was returning, and I didn’t need to use any of the medications I had packed.

Guess what happened next? Someone in our tour group came down with the flu, and the virus quickly passed from one person to the next. My son and I were two of the few on this trip who never got sick. And guess who had American medications to share with those who were ailing? I thought having the flu the week before this trip was “bad,” but God used it for good, not only to bless me with health during this amazing trip to Italy but also to bless others with medications to help them feel better.

Continued here.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace lying on her pillow under the words, “I’m sick.” Courtesy Bitmoji.]


3 thoughts on “Grace’s Journey: Dealing with Illness

  1. Wow. It is something, when God opens up doors in such a magnificent way. He not only healed you, but He also made a way to heal all those that were on the trip. What a wonderful God, we serve.


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