Grace’s Journey: Submitting to Other Authority

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The next leg of my journey probably caused more groans in my friends than in myself as God expanded submission to obeying governmental authority. For example, God placed heavily on my heart that I was to submit to the posted speed limit. Note that I learned how to drive in the metro-Atlanta area, where the flow of traffic is generally 15 MPH over the speed limit. I have always had a lead foot and was impatient with anyone who didn’t.

After decades of driving above the speed limit, I felt the Holy Spirit’s conviction whenever I drove even a few miles over the speed limit. Learning how to slow down as I drove was not an easy process for me. Nevertheless, I did it because I love God more than I love speeding. I was surprised to find that obeying the speed limit makes me a more relaxed driver, in part because it’s rare for anyone else to be responsible for slowing me down anymore.

While I did undergo a period of adjustment, it now feels natural for me to obey the speed limit. I am relaxed as a drive and love listening to Contemporary Christian music and focusing on worshiping God as I drive. I am no longer impatient when I have to wait at a traffic light. I allow more time to arrive at my destination, so I feel no anxiety about arriving on time. Obeying God in this area has resulted in many benefits that I never would have guessed I had been missing out on.

However, obeying governmental authorities for minor issues, such as not speeding, is not a popular choice, which is why I joked about this probably causing my friends to groan more than me. To my knowledge, none of my friends have received the same conviction to obey the speed limit, and some of them find it annoying to ride with me since I “drive like a grandmother.” I tell them that if they want to go faster, then they will need to do the driving (and some take me up on this offer!).

I am careful not to judge my friends for disregarding the speed limit. Just as happened with me, the Holy Spirit is perfectly capable of convicting them if/when that’s an area that God wants to work on in their lives. That being said, I’m also not going to allow anyone else to talk me into disobeying God in this area, so I wind up being the passenger more frequently these days!

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[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace driving a car with a license plate “L8R”and waving. Courtesy Bitmoji.]