Welcome to God’s Way Actually Works!

Cartoon of Grace smiling and waving. "Hello."Hello, everyone. Welcome to my blog!

My name is Grace Daniels. Actually, that’s a pen name because my real name is challenging to pronounce and spell, so I thought I would write under a meaningful pen name instead.

I chose Grace because God has transformed me through His amazing grace. That’s not a cliché. I have truly been transformed through God’s grace. I don’t deserve it, and I am so incredibly blessed to receive it. I will be sharing all about this transformation process in the weeks and months to come. Once you get to know me, you will agree that Grace is the perfect name for me.

I chose Daniels in honor of my favorite person in the Bible (after Jesus, of course). Daniel is my hero! He was taken out of a God-fearing home and placed in the palace of Babylon, where he was surrounded by a culture that was completely foreign to him. Despite all the Babylonian culture had to offer him, Daniel stayed true to God and kept his identity as a child of God, even though that made him “weird” to everyone around him. I can relate to this dynamic is so many ways – being in this world but not of this world.

The purpose of this blog is right there in the title: God’s Way Actually Works – When God said it, He actually meant it, so do it! This was the key to my transformation from a broken victim of child abuse to a transformed and healed warrior of God. I spent many years of my life hearing God’s word but not actually doing it (Jas. 1:22) Transformation doesn’t happen until you actually change your thoughts and behavior to align with God’s Word. While this isn’t easy, it really is that simply.

Four years ago, I was so depressed, angry, and bitter that I wanted to die. Today, I am filled with joy, peace, and hope. The bridge from here to there was doing what God says to do, no matter how I felt about it. God’s way actually works, and I will be sharing just how powerfully God can change your life once you agree to partner with Him.

Continued here.

[Graphic: Cartoon of Grace smiling and waving. “Hello.” Courtesy Bitmoji.]

3 thoughts on “Welcome to God’s Way Actually Works!

  1. God’s grace has allowed me to be a witness to Grace’s amazing transformation. Being a part of many of her Bible studies, I’ve learned how she seeks God with all of her heart. And I’ve learned to trust you, Jesus!


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